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Calculate your net salary

That’s it, you’re there: During your job interview, the dreaded moment has come.

To the question “What are your gross annual salary expectations ? ” you don’t know what to answer. You roughly estimate the net salary that can result from the gross one and give an approximate amount of what you would like to get. Later, you take the time to rethink the amount announced and realize that it does not meet your expectations, but it is difficult to renegotiate afterward…

In order to avoid repeating the same mistake, we have found a simple, fast, and efficient tool to transform your gross salary into a net salary in one click! Because yes, be aware of it, in recruitment, we always talk about gross annual salary! Thus, a gross annual salary of 35K€ is equivalent to a net annual salary of 26,950€.

Discover your net annual salary here: The net / gross salary calculator

That way, you will always be ready and confident! Good luck!

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