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Do you speak English ?

Do you speak English? You think you have a certain English level (basic knowledge, advanced, or fluent ) and you have written it on your CV.

Be aware that these terms remain very vague for a recruiter. The reason why? Because it is a subjective assessment, not necessarily representative of your real level and difficult to appraise for a recruiter.

But then, what is the most efficient and accurate way to give your real level on your CV?

The answer is: assess it according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: the CEFR, a guideline used to describe achievements of learners of foreign languages across Europe, assigning a letter to each level of language proficiency: A1 for beginners, A2 for false beginners / pre-intermediates, B1 for intermediates, B2 for upper-intermediates, C1-C2 for advanced / bilingual profiles.

How to assess it online?

We have identified 2 tools that will allow you to know your  English level for free in 10 to 15 minutes ! Tested and validated by the team! This will help you communicate your English level more accurately to recruiters!

My future language :
Answer a 30-question Multiple-Choice Questionnaire developed by Cambridge University and test your English, Spanish, German, or Italian level!

Victorias :
Répondez à un QCM de 30 questions développé par la Cambridge University et testez votre anglais, espagnol, allemand ou italien !

The more detailed and up-to-date your CV is, the more understandable it is for recruiters! Enjoy your tests!

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