QVT Test to evaluate working values

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For several years now, it has appeared that the notion of values at work is crucial in the suitability of an employee to his or her company.

The firm Connect RH, a longstanding partner of Modules Team, has developed a new tool to respond to this notion.

The QVT is the first tool for matching the congruence of an individual’s work values and those of an organisation.

QVT is a nod to the Quality of Life at Work acronym to remind us that the two are linked.

The tool was developed with the help of Anne Congard, University Professor in Differential Psychology. It took a little less than two years of R&D to propose and computerize a test with proven scientific value (in terms of sensitivity, reliability and validity). Its use, moreover, goes beyond what was initially planned.

The question of values is becoming more and more important in HR thinking.
It takes on its meaning considering that recruitment – or internal mobility – sometimes fails when knowledge, skills and personality (including character traits, softskills and aptitudes) have been validated. How can you feel good in an organisation whose ethics you do not share? Failure is then twofold, as it also affects the employer image of the company.

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Modules Team is the exclusive representative of this new tool for the wine and spirits industry.

This approach allows you to use this tool with a specific angle for our sectors and to facilitate your HR procedures.

If you only have one test to do, it is this one because it will allow you to better validate your HR projects.


Are you an HR professional or manager?

In this case, we offer you a test to enable you to evaluate the relevance of this tool.

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