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Diagnosis is the basis of all our projects for customers.
It helps to identify your needs, to identify areas for improvement and development of your business.
We intervene directly or through experts depending on the themes.
A single contact and rigorous monitoring for all your projects with a strong professional conscience.
The purpose of the diagnosis is to provide just advice to avoid unnecessary investments.
30% of our diagnoses show that the project must be postponed or abandoned.

Diagnostic services for companies

Diagnostic Start

An approach that makes it possible to quickly assess the merits of a project regardless of the theme.
We mobilize our expertise to help you move forward with your project.
It is a process that allows you, in 5 working days, to bring you an external and constructed point of view.

HR Diagnostic

The basis for all human resources projects (recruitment, talent management, reorganization, etc.).
At the heart of our system, it provides you with the HR strategy best suited to the situation.

360 Diagnostic

A diagnostic on your entire structure which covers all the themes.
We approach your business in all its facets with the necessary expertise.
A single point of contact to support you and co-build with you a complete improvement plan.
This type of approach requires coming in situ and meeting the protagonists of the project.
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