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We support companies wishing to modify their organization. Since any internal strategy has repercussions on the teams already in place or to be recruited, our approach is global. These changes cannot be considered without taking into account different aspects such as the teams, the management, the strategy, the methods and tools.

Consulting HR for Companies

Recruitment Audit

This step is an integral part of our full recruitment offer and enables us to identify the needs, the obstacles, and the opportunities of organizational changes in your company. It is also a way to advise our clients on the right match to be sought in terms of professional and interpersonal skills.

Corporate Strategy

We propose to review your organization, to give you a different perspective, and to implement new models. After evaluating your needs together, our experts will provide you with advice and recommendations.

Effectiveness and Business Efficiency

The core of many strategies often remains the commercial dimension. We will evaluate and advise your teams in order to improve their efficiency. This approach is based on behavioral assessments and innate business skills to be developed.

Business Consulting for Entrepreneurs

Our agency is often contacted by young entrepreneurs wishing to enter the wine and spirits market. So in order to help them position their offer, we have developed specific tools. Thus, through different interviews, our experts will shed new light on your business plan in order to highlight the possible risks and opportunities.

Talent Management

In this field, we work in collaboration with a dedicated team of psychologists and HR managers. During these missions, we offer a broad expertise based on complementary fields.