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Modules Team has been providing training in the form of ‘applied knowledge’ to the sector for several years.

This “wine school” enables employees, new recruits and managers to learn about practical issues.

All our training is provided by company managers who work on the core of their expertise.

E-learning in “blended” mode allows distance learning with all the digital tools while retaining face-to-face time.

The pedagogy, the course, the experiences have been worked on to provide the learner with a tailor-made method.

Training courses offered by Modules Team

Technical-sales training

Discover the method, tips, anecdotes, e -commerce, social selling – the tools to know how to sell in all circumstances.
This unique approach allows everyone to train in this discipline.

Management training

A training course co-constructed by a management expert and by Team Modules.
Access all the practical methods to manage your collaborators and your networks.

Skills Assessment Training

A process followed by a work psychologist experienced in the world of wines and spirits.
This assessment will allow you to orient yourself, reorient according to your real motivations.

Training in Oenology

Oenology training that provides the “uninitiated” with all the necessary knowledge of their environment.
This approach is didactic, personalised to the requests of our clients.
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