Current changes are leading us to rapid and precise transitions.

No one can master an expertise on all subjects.

For several years, Modules Team has surrounded itself with a team of experts, business leaders who intervene each in their area of ​​expertise according to the needs of your missions.

They know how to identify your needs and above all support you on the solution to be implemented alongside you.

It’s time to choose the right profiles who have proven their worth and who know your industry at all levels (regional, national and international).

Pragmatic, effective and efficient, they support you on your audit and change projects, strategies and will be able to provide all the necessary 4.0 expertise.

This team covers the 360 ​​° needs of a company.


Bertrand Praz

Bertrand Praz

Technic & Strategy Expert

An oenologist by training at the University of Reims Champagne Ardennes, and holder of a Masters in Management and ICG Management, Bertrand has a wealth of technical and R&D experience, in France and internationally. He likes to pass on his passion and expertise to your teams. A man of the field and of contact, he will know how to get the best out of each of your employees.
Force of proposal he will support your projects and your developments

Malcolm Thompson

Malcolm Thompson

International Strategy Expert 

Malcolm is a proven senior executive with extensive experience and passion for innovation and sustainability uniquely balanced with commercial depth in strategic marketing, new business development and organizational leadership. Front line management style with the ability to attract, motivate and build high performance teams to drive strategic initiatives to successful outcomes.


Anne Seznec

Anne Seznec

Marketing Expert

International Marketing and Communication Director in the world of wines, spirits and packaging for more than fifteen years, Anne now helps companies define or redefine their Marketing Strategy. Convinced that people are at the heart of the Company’s success, she completed her dual Marketing and MBA course with a Professional Coach diploma.

Fabrice Chevallet

Fabrice Chevallet

Sales & Marketing Expert

More than 30 years spent in the Commercial field, with a long experience in the sectors of flexible packaging, overcapping and corking of wines, Fabrice has held all the functions, from field sales representative, up to Vice-President Sales & Marketing from international companies, through management functions of national and European sales teams. His B2B sales expertise in the sector, his experience in operational marketing, and his network woven over decades will support you in the in-depth analysis and implementation of your commercial strategies and policies.


Julien Revesz

Julien Revesz

Digital Expert

Julien works on all the challenges of digital marketing (SEO, SEA, UX, Social networks, monitoring, testing, customer support….). During his career, he notably supported Apprentis d’Auteuil, Metro Cash & Carrie, Saint Gobain, Sofinco, etc. in their digital dev and / or multi-lever strategies. He is an SEO / SEA trainer and his skills cover all aspects of technical and functional digital team management.

Cécile Jamelot

Cécile Jamelot

Social Selling Expert

Cécile’s goal is to help business leaders sell more through Social Selling. But her job goes well beyond: Cécile highlights their stories to give them more power and impact their consumers through the art of Strategic Storytelling


Sandra Nicoletti

PR Expert

With over 20 years’ experience in journalism and press relations, Sandra helps you reach carefully selected media to boost your visibility. Whether it’s writing and distributing press releases, or even organising press events, she can help you set up and monitor your PR campaigns with a turnkey solution.


Mathilde Pauma

Content Manager Expert

Very aware of all the businesses in the wine and spirits sector, Mathilde will be able to work with you on your online content, choosing the right media to catch the attention of your aim(s). Implement an effective social media management with the right tools for a real time optimisation through the process thanks to her coaching



Stéphanie Dugué

Psychology Expert

A work and organizational psychologist, Stéphanie works within organizations in order to put people back among the fundamental concerns of the company. Stephanie helps them overcome crisis situations and manage conflicts. In this regard, it offers them tools and methods adapted to each situation. Based on interviews with the various players in the company, she clarifies the issues. She then coordinates the actions to be implemented by developing tailor-made solutions

Jean Masselin

Jean Masselin

Management Expert

For over 20 years, Jean has focused on the development of tools and methods to promote collective intelligence in teams.
His interventions are based on systems analysis (Palo Alto model).
A psychologist by training, he also offers training and seminars to a wide range of companies in France and abroad


Steeve Ambiehl

Steeve Ambiehl

Finances Expert

A freelance accountant for 6 years, Steeve perceives the reality of the figures as a representation of the success of a business project, he offers his support to plan and manage his activity as well as training to acquire autonomy in understanding financial challenges, with management always one step ahead of accounting

Thibaut Rouyer

Thibaut Rouyer

Provident and Insurance Expert

Expert in the social and patrimonial protection of the entrepreneur and the self-employed, Thibaut supports you from the creation of the patrimony to its management, including the protection of your income, the payment of your expenses in the event of unforeseen circumstances, all while taking into account your short, medium and long term goals. Avoid tax friction as much as possible when reselling your company, optimize your transmission through good diversification, he will be happy to offer you his expertise on the subject.


Jérôme Sciacchitano

Founder of Modules Team, oenologist for more than 20 years and a graduate of a Master in Management, Quality Management from the University of Reims and member of the Union of Oenologists, Jérôme fully grasped the issue of human resources in the field of wines and spirits and benefits from an extensive network and a perfect knowledge of the trades of the sector.

Vincent Chopard

Vincent Chopard

Training Expert

Modules Team employee, with more than 20 years of experience in communication and operational marketing, Vincent brings his expertise to the service of your company in order to provide advice and training materials suitable for development and fulfillment. of your talents. Digital expert, he will also know how to tailor your internal training projects on the most suitable platforms.

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