Notre vision

Our Vision

Our Values

We are part of a unique industry currently undergoing numerous changes: adaptation to globalization, digitalization, gender equity, and training.


We rely on the technical know-how of our team and partners, and our expertise comes from a very good knowledge of the wine and spirits industries. Our rigor and high standards allow us to offer our customers a high quality and tailor-made service.


We put our skills at the service of each company and each candidate by giving the utmost importance to the recognition and consideration of their specificities. The goal of our teams is to provide companies and candidates with a high-quality service, by being available, open, knowledgeable, clear, and attentive.


We handle all of our missions with the utmost respect, taking into account the economic stakes and the human factors involved. Confidentiality, humility, diplomacy, and transparency are the key words of our teams with both recruiters and candidates. A bond of trust is created between Modules Team and its interlocutors, regardless of their age, gender, or origin.

What Makes us Different

A methodology that leaves no room for approximation

We have developed a specific step by step process taking into account all the parameters inherent in each recruitment. After an audit, marking the beginning of the process, a unique strategy is proposed to reach the goals of our customers.

Profile Appraisal

Recruitment as we see it and practice it, goes beyond a job description. As a human being will never fit into boxes, it is important to take the time to discover a person’s strengths, weaknesses, potential to be developed, ambitions, and inventiveness.

A Perfect Knowledge of the Different Positions Advertised

Jérôme Sciacchitano has been an oenologist for many years. Thanks to his long field experience, he perfectly knows the positions he recruits for, understands the goals of the companies, and can anticipate their questions. Communication, however technical, is always smooth and transparent, thus guaranteeing seriousness and trust for companies.

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