Who are we?

Our DNA and Values

Company’s Presentation

We are an expert HR consulting firm working in the wine and spirits industries, in all major French vineyards with an international outlook. Founded by an oenologist, we are perfectly in line with the expectations of the companies and offer a complete field expertisethanks tothree different complementary services: recruitment of executives and managers, HR consulting and corporate strategy, employee training and support.

The missions we carry out are all unique thanks to the flexibility, professionalism, generosity, ethics, and involvement of our team of experts in 3.0 sourcing, HR marketing, and direct approach.

We offer to companies and candidates a smart and subtle mix of know-how and soft skills whose effectiveness has always been proven during each mission that was entrusted to us.


Its Founder, Jérôme Sciacchitano, who has been an oenologist for more than 20 years, graduate of the University of Reims with a Master’s degree in Management, and Quality Management, and who is currently a member of the Union of Oenologists, has fully grasped the issues of human resources in the wine and spirits industries, and possesses an extensive network and a perfect knowledge of the professions in this sector.


With over 20 years of experience in communication and operational marketing, Vincent Chopard brings his expertise to serve your company in order to provide advices and adequate training materials for the development of your business and the light up of your talents.

Our philosophy is based on active listening, flexibility, and perseverance, while taking into account the feelings of the men and women representing a company.

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