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Modules Team offers its expertise in recruitment for the wine professions and wine employment for executives and managers in the wine and spirits industry.

The method is based on knowledge of the professions and environments as well as a rigorous process.

This approach allows us to access the most successful candidates for you.

Recruitment Services for Companies

Direct Approach

We target companies and profiles according to your needs by going directly to the source.
This type of direct approach allows us to save time and to source as accurately as possible.

Multi-Sourcing Approach

Our team offers both a direct approach and the publication of advertisements on various media such as social networks, job boards, and schools.
This wide range of publications allows us to access the job market in a brand new way and to get in touch and interview candidates looking for new opportunities.


You have already selected a certain number of candidates and need an external opinion.
Modules Team, based on its business knowledge and personal assessments of the candidates, will put its expertise at your service, and thus offer a faster approach than a full recruitment process.
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